SuperSport Tottenham Hotspur Academy no longer holds open trial dates. The Academy has implemented a scouting network around South Africa to scout for potential talent at games and tournaments.

Should they wish to be considered for trials, the following procedures apply:

Players between the ages of 13 and16 are asked to complete the form below and e-mail, fax or post the completed forms.

On receipt of the completed form, the recruitment staff will make a decision as to whether scouts will be sent to watch their games.

If the scouts feel that the players have the potential to play at the Academy level, an approach will be made to the managers of the clubs as well as to the parents and they will be invited for trials with the SuperSport Tottenham Hotspur Academy.

During the trial period the players will be monitored by their age group coaches and the recruitment staff. A decision will then be made and players will be informed accordingly.

CLICK HERE to download the application form

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