Revealed on 3 July 2013.

Bull’s Horn

A club Crest

A club crest is not a logo. It is bound by more severe dimensional factors, and has to be a certain (or more general, practical) shape for use on club strips and promotional material, from footballs to banners.

It also serves as a focus for the enthusiasm of the fans. In the case of established crests, its significance is intrinsic, and through decades of identification, fans have become emotionally attached to the crest and all that it stands for.

In the case of a new crest, like this one, the design with its combination of elements and range of meaning needs to elicit or provoke this emotion from the fans.

This crest has been designed to encompass and give prominence to the Supersport logo.

The enclosing device is reminiscent of the horns of a bull and by implication the bull’s horn attacking formation, a historical South African symbol of strength.

At the end of the horns are the stars, the rising stars of a talented young team, or the fireworks the fans can expect during (and after) each match.